Althought NuxtPress' first release packs many useful features, we've got a much bigger vision for it. We've have planned to roll out a series of refactorings and features leading up to its 1.0 release a year from now, i.e., one major release per month as a general goal.


  • Core:

    • add basic support for multiple ids/configs per blueprint
    • template definitions can be a function
  • Blueprints/Docs:

    • support dynamic loaded configs per locale
    • support multiple folders for a blueprint
    • support multiple ids per blueprint
    • define sidebar items with glob/regex
    • add custom (ie non nuxt/press page) items to sidebar
    • support source folder aliasing

Work on these has already taken place and should be released soon.

  • I18n

    • Complete docs translation to Brazilian portuguese


  • Core:

    • Register webpack assets for sources when fully using filesystem

      • Maintain ability to override this with press/common middleware/sources


  • Refactor blueprint.js into Nuxt Core (RFC pending)

  • Blueprints/Common:

    • Refactor press/common into @nuxt/markdown using Nuxt Core blueprints
    • Refactor docs/blogs/slides using Nuxt Core blueprints